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New Forum: How to see poster's gig? How to report spam?


I tried to see some poster’s profiles and gigs from the forum and couldn’t get there from here.

I also saw spam and saw no place or button to report it.
Does anyone know how to do these things now?

I also would like to turn off all notifications to my email when someone replies to my topics or posts on the forum. Is there a way to do that?

Also, when we reply to a poster’s comment in a thread, it just gets added to the bottom of the list of responses, so we can’t see who a poster is responding to in that thread.


Hi MissCrystal,

Took me a few min to figure out some of these too.

Spam: Select the “Flag” icon under a message. Then you get options for what you want to do (including marking as spam).

For managing your notifications and forum options, click on your profile photo at the top right.

Select the gear icon and it will display options for your notifications.

No idea on how to show messages as threads with the replies associated yet. There has to be a way. Hopefully someone else will find it and post. (When I find it, I’ll let you know too…)


Thank you so much!

Posts now have to be at least 20 characters, according to a popup I just got.

It also says "have you tried the “heart (icon)” button?

I do not see a heart button-- oh the Like button! found it.


click the flag button and mar it as spam .