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New Forum User - Keep The Wounded Man Company!

Hi everyone!

Chris here. Although I’m not a new-new user (joined Fiverr about 2 months ago), I am new to the forums and being involved in the community.

So, how did I end up on Fiverr?

I actually used to be a secondary school mathematics teacher, and before that, I graduated from university with an Accounting and Mathematics degree. Unfortunately, however, due to a (really fun) weak bone condition, I have had some bad luck and am now too immobile to continue teaching for the foreseeable future. For at least 6 months or so…

If you’ve ever met a teacher, you’ll know we don’t take well to having nothing to do. I’m on week two after a recent surgery, and I’m losing my marbles!! So I’ve decided to take up blogging, I’ve made several gigs on here, as well as starting to freelance from home (accounting, finance, mathematics tutoring etc). Naturally, it’s taking time to get things rolling, so I’ve decided to spend some spare time in the forum, to actually communicate and get to know people. :slight_smile:

So please do reply here, tell me a bit about yourselves and keep a currently broken man company! Promise I won’t bite. What I can’t promise, is not to make maths jokes/puns, so you beta start running. :wink:

Looking forward to meeting you all!



Hello, Chris,
I too am a teacher, albeit a retired one. I see you are from the UK. I know of another UK teacher who is also frequently on the Forum. I am out and about running errands, so I can not post much more. But I wanted to say, “Welcome to the Forum!”


Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

As a Mod, I feel I should tell you that you have to be careful with math jokes/puns on the forum.
The majority of them take away from discussion and cause division while only a few add to the conversation.
Not sure what the ratio is or how we can get to the root of the problem but the solution is always for everyone to have some pie.

Click here before you flag me for being mean

For anyone who thinks this is a serious comment, please check how many Math references you can find in the comment…


Knowing your sense of humor, I picked up on your puns right away! :joy: :rofl:

@chris_neil should appreciate your post. :wink:


And finally a riddle for you all. No, I do not know the answer! Maybe we can solve it together!



Hi Cris welcome to the forum, glad to let you know I’m a teacher too; an Accounting teacher. I joined fiverr 6 months ago and I’ve come to learn that fiverr requires a lot of efforts and patience. I’m sure you’ll get your first order soon. :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Hi Chris, I’m Maitasun.

I’m a bio-electronics engineer from Venezuela. I joined Fiverr few months ago (late April) and have 2 gigs, one for Spanish proofreading and the other one for English to Spanish translation.

Welcome to the forum and hope you recover real soon! :blush:

I forgot to say that I’m a girl :upside_down_face:


There were 10 trees in 5 rows that were already there before this gardener planted more?


:smiley: welcome to the forum.

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I think there were 4 trees in each row and then the gardener planted 10 more because it said each row had 4 trees. :thinking:

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I have to say that I believe this is a personal statement that a moderator (Eoin) intended as an insult to another moderator (fonthaunt AKA Maddie.)

What Eoin really meant here was disguised in a very calculated way. He meant to make me feel negative because I am math-challenged and literature is really more my game of chance. I think that Eoin should be exponentially punished for this since I am incapable of making jokes about math. I appeal to Chris, the OP, to respond to Eoin plus add an appropriately mean pun.

Please note that taking me seriously on this comment would just cause even more division.


Loving all the puns guys. Didn’t quite expect that response, it was almost imaginary! :smiley: There are infinite possibilities for puns!

Hi Vickie! Thanks for the welcome, it’s appreciated! Very nice to see I’m not the only teacher here, guess we really are gluttons for punishment eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yessss, another fellow teacher! Very brave teaching accounting though, I bet you get some very bored and confused kids wanting to tell you how daft/complicated accounting and doing taxes are!

Hi maitasun, nice to meet you. Thanks for the kind words!

And hello to everyone else, thanks for the warm welcome. :slight_smile:

As for the puzzle - there were already 2 trees in each row, the gardener planted 2 more in said rows (2 x 5), amounting to 5 rows of 4.


There were 4 trees in each row, and he simply planted 10 more. Ahh, semantics.


welcome to forum @chris_neil :grinning:

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Nice to meet you too, Chris! :smiley:

hahaha, no :upside_down_face:

@uk1000 @vickiespencer @chris_neil try a little harder… :blush:

Let me give you a hint! Look at the sky, what do you see? :wink: :smiley:

EDIT: @vickiespencer you chose a very hard one! Not that easy, not that obvious but certainly a good one! :wink: :kissing_heart:

Nice to see you Chris! :slightly_smiling_face:

Retired technology teacher from the UK here.


The sun :sun_with_face: , the moon :first_quarter_moon_with_face: the stars :star2:, the clouds :cloud_with_lightning:, an airplane :small_airplane: or :airplane: ?

Or maybe a :fairy: or a :vampire: :bat: or one of these :bird: :dove: :eagle: :duck: :owl: or even a :leaves: .

I am so confused! :confused:

I chose it totaly at random. I think @chris_neil is correct. It is a matter of semantics.

@maitasun do you teach too?

I have a cousin with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. He recently graduated from high school. He is confined to a wheelchair. His parents started a foundation in his name called “Unbreakable.”


:open_mouth: :flushed: hahahahaah not to be confused hahahaha :blush:

A little more of help :smiley: What is the most that we all Fiverr’s love? :star_struck:

Nope, it’s not semantics, it’s mathematics :wink:

I used to, I love people increase their knowledge specially through logical reasoning because logical reasoning can and must be applied in every aspect of life.

EDIT: Just seen your addition on your cousin. I’m sorry to know :cry: but I’m very glad he made it through HS. That’s the spirit, always keep it high even in the worst cases! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome here and get well soon:)
I am a designer, design t-shirts logo, banner and other things.


Hi @chris_neil

Just passing by to say hello and leave you a hug !!! :blush:

Hope you’re feeling better since our last conversation !!! :grinning:

Hi Chris,
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