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New freelancer hesitations

Hey guys, new user here!

I just created an account a couple of days ago and have gotten a couple of offers but I’ve been hesitant to accept them because they have all been from users with no profile pictures and when I go look into their account, it seems like they just created their account as well. Is this normal?

Thanks in advanced!


Hi Monica,
Welcome to the community. Don’t worry about the profile pictures. Most of the buyer accounts don’t have profile pictures. They are created only to buy some services.


You might be getting strange requests because you’re offering a homework gig?

Gigs which are against the ToS will attract strange requests. :wink:


“I can help you with getting your homework done with an A!”

Suggest you remove the above (copied) from your gig description as this is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page. Your gig is likely to be removed at any time.


Thank you! Will do that now, didn’t realize how that could come off as.

Actually, I don’t know how to edit from the app so I’ll do it when I get to my desktop.

To be honest, @monicacassiano, in addition to removing the text mentioned by @lloydsolutions, you should also stop offering such services.

According to the ToS, you’re not allowed to offer any kind of academic services on Fiverr, such as assisting with homeworks, assignments, etc. So you should stop offering such services on Fiverr. Continuing to do so will get your gig removed or your account suspended/banned from Fiverr.

If you still have doubts regarding what’s allowed and what’s not, you can always contact Fiverr’s Customer Support.

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Oh OK, I honestly didn’t read all of the dog’s and don’ts so that’s my bad. I’ll remove it once I get on a desktop.

But to my original question, the potential clients were never for that particular gig. They were all for data entry.

But thank you for clarifying that for me!!

Back when I was new to the platform, I had similar inhibitions too. However, it shouldn’t really matter if your prospective buyer is either brand-new to Fiverr or doesn’t have a profile picture. Sure, such profiles can seem untrustworthy, but it is almost never the case.

However, if someone contacts you to inquire about something you don’t offer, you can always inform them that you don’t offer such services, and just move on.

Some people register to only order once. Had this numerous times happen to me. That’s not a social media website, it’s not Facebook. I don’t need to see them, I won’t make love with them. In most of the Western countries – it’s even forbidden to require someone to have a photo in his CV because of racial profiling.