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New freelancer in fiverr community

I am social media marketing manager and new on fiverr…I want suggestions form you people so that more people can reach out me …


Try Buyer Request …

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Welcome to the forum. Try to research Fiverr :grinning:

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welcome to fiverr community forum.
From now on
active fiverr account
gig share on social market place
regular send to buyer request


Here is some advice for you:

DO NOT promote yourself on social media as it won’t make much of an impact.

Come to grips with the fact that there are THOUSANDS of other freelancers here also offering social media management.

Learn from your competitors - see what they are doing and try to offer something different.

DO NOT expect to get jobs daily and the get rich here. It takes time and effort to succeed as a freelancer.

DO NOT use an auto-refresher so be online 24/7. That is just silly advice.

DO NOT offer unlimited revisions as that is also silly and sets you up to abuse of your services.

Improve your skills so that you are good at what you offer.

Create Gigs that focus on the skills you actually have.

Good luck…it is very competitive here and you may get discouraged. Don’t give up!

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