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New Freelancer Providing A Sample


I am new to freelancing in general and Fiverr. I only have a few orders completed, but I have a ranking of nearly 5 stars. Recently, a potential client approached me about a job he had that involved writing some algorithms (I am a software developer). He believes the other developer he is working with is unable to complete the job and as a result, he wants me to produce a sample for him proving that I can do the job before he hires me.

I’ve read across the forums that you should never provide a client a sample of your work without payment. I also have my GitHub linked to my profile so he could see some of my prior work on there. Moreover, the sample I would be producing for him would basically be doing the job itself to some degree. The algorithms need to be done in a specific order to work. So, I would need to write one that basically would be completing half of the project.

Should I work on a sample and send it to this client? Or is it not worth it?

Thank you for all responses in advance!

You can always say that it’s not a sample they are asking for but half of the job done and you’ll be happy to make it for half a price of your gig and if they are happy with a delivery they can proceed to ordering the whole order :wink:


Thanks for the input.