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New freelancers looking for partners and projects!

Hi everyone, I am new on Fiverr. I am a student from Mexico looking to create a network of partners who require regular services or people who have a range of skills that allow us to build a work team. I am also hoping to get some projects to have reviews that back my services with a good reputation. I do English to Spanish translations or vice versa. Even though I do not have much experience on Fiverr, I have years of experience working with documents in both of these languages. I hope we can work together in a project, I will be more than glad to help. My link is:

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Hey, I want collabration with you.

Hey @azeemsarfraz, :slight_smile: , nice to meet you! what type of projects would you like to work on?

The bottom line is;

Mine specialties are for animation and seo keyword research.:yum:

Thank you for contacting me @azeemsarfraz , your skills would be of huge help. Are you a native english speaker? Whenever I get a complex project I could redirect it to you before I deliver it and pay you according to the proportion of the project. Whenever I get a translation or writing project which requires seo keyword research I will let you know so we can divide the parts that are our specialties and agree on a price. Same with you, if you ever need a translation (of all levels, even if it is a very difficult and extreme translation) from English to Spanish or from Spanish to English… you can contact me and we can split the work or you could redirect it to me. I am also going to open an Excel Spreadsheet Design gig where I am going to offer custom excel spreadsheets for things like financial statements or data chart analysis. I look forward to working together.

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its’s a good news for :yum:me

Hahahaha yes it’s good news

looking forward to working with you.

@mohamednaseem I am looking forward to it too, I hope we can build a lasting partnership. Whenever you need Spanish/English (both ways) translations feel free to ask me if you want to redirect the project to me, I will do the same with Arabic translations for you :slight_smile: