New fun gig :)


Hi everyone, or should I say “Howdy”!

Just wanted to share my gigs with everyone because I think anyone could get a good laugh from my videos.

I made up World Newsman a little over a year ago, and just realized I can make a service here on fiverr to do videos for people. I do fun messages, birthday messages, or even testimonials or commercials if you want a funny spin on your video. Or, I even thought that maybe if you’re a parent out there with a delinquent teen, I can act as a drill sergeant and make a video message for you to give to your kid, lol! Tell your kid to do their chores and homework, haha :wink:

I do videos as World Newsman, or his fun crazy twin brother Hillybilly.

I got my first order yesterday, so you can see my first birthday message by Hillbilly delivered here:

So if anyone wants a fun unique video message, check it out. I do express delivery, so it will be done for you in less than 24 hours.

Thanks! And best of luck to everyone :slight_smile:


Welcome to Fiverr and good luck with your gig(s), this is a unique and creative gig!


Good luck with your great gigs.