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New Gig - Advice? - Giving Shipping A Try


Well, my first couple months on Fiverr flew by and I now have 8 gigs accounted for and cleared $100 woo hoo! I hope to soon reach to my level 1 seller goal and so very close. It has been a game of learning what works and what doesn’t. Seeing my work elsewhere on the net is rather cool and yet no one will ever know I created that video or slideshow.

Well, with that side of my fiverr experience moving along, I decided to take a new twist on the gig adventure and try a shipping gig. Something that has a little more meaning than just another item with a price tag. I picked an item that has a bold message with it and I feel confident to ship and share.

Anyone have experience with shipping gigs? Anything I should be aware of? I included the price of shipping in the gig itself, is there a built-in way of doing that?

Here it is:

What do you think, keep it or should I perhaps consider skipping along to something else? Anything I can improve about it?