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New gig again create

After publishing my new gig, unfortunately between 5 minutes it was deleted by me.Than i create the same gig again with same pictures, same contents .

Is it take copyright with my own gig content? Is it create issue for my any IMPRESSIONS? please help with this unfortunate issue.



are you sure that you delete old gig properly?

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Yes, now it is fully deleted. I found it on the draft after publishing a new one than i delete it also from the draft.Now there is no previous gig on my dashboard.

Hello @tr_nayan i think you need not worry about copyright becasue you will get copyright mail when someone complain about your gig is copy of their gig it is only possible when you steal the content of other people’s gig, and fiverr did not do this for himself.:slight_smile:

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Thanks @imrankhalid786 for the confirmations. :grinning: