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New gig and would love some feedback! PLEASE? :P

Hi guys,

I am brand new to Fiverr, like many others, but would massively appreciate some feedback on my gig! Its only just gone live so have plenty of time to change things if needed :slight_smile:

Cheers everyone!



Welcome to fiverr forum!
I wish you the best of experience :slight_smile:

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Welcome and best wishes for your upcoming future,

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It says “The Princes Trust” - maybe change to “The Prince’s Trust”

It says "The base price of $5 gets you 200 words, and each additional 200 words is only $5. ".
If I enter 400 words in the box the price changes to $15. Shouldn’t it only change to $10?


At a glance, looks wonderful! I’ll look a bit more closely, but to get started:
Check out (FAQ) point 1, and there’s a good number of links in the (RRD) section (including a free Fiverr course that covers a lot of helpful things!), but for sure you can up your profile English level to ‘fluent’ and I think there’s an option for UK English that can be ‘native/bilingual’.

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Everything looks and sounds great except for one thing.

Your main demo video has the background music a little too loud. I’d decrease the background music a little so your voice comes through better.

Other than that, it sounds awesome! Good luck!

@voicecreate welcome on fiverr and wish you all the best your voice is good you can get one day top rated badge.

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Thanks so much and thanks for your feedback!

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Thanks! Will change the background music volume and get it reuploaded, thanks for your feedback!

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Thanks! Although I cant seem to find the option to change English level to fluent?

Thanks! Made the changes :slight_smile:

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Hmm. You might have to take the Skills Test in your profile first, but I’ve not seen that necessary before.