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New gig, any tips to improve it?

Hey! I have just made a new gig and tried pretty hard to make it professional and clean, however I think it still needs some improvement. Any tips are welcome, I’d love to hear from you!


You can check those tips . Hope these will be helpful for you.

Best Of Luck


Yes, It does. I am a buyer and I saw a key problem with your gig.

Here’s the problem:

You’re telling me how to buy your gig and asking me to contact you before purchasing.
But you did not tell me why I should buy from you. You also did not tell me why your graphic design service is different from your competitors on Fiverr…


Okay, thank you! These are the exact type of tips I wanted, I shall add that right away

How’s it now? Does it sound too unoriginal?

On your gig gallery, the 3 images, I think the pic 1 & 2 don’t make use the space effectively. You could try other image resolution so that you fill up all these blank space for your purpose. Just an example, the purpose could be to help buyer visualize the process you drew, from pencil to inking, then vectorizing.
It can be a lot of hard work to go from pencil to that vector, but without you present it clearly, your buyer may never know.
One additionaly point, personally I think you could try a specify style instead of “variety of styles” for more targeted marketing. Besides marketing, it’s for better matching between your style and your client.
Hope it helps!