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New GIG Being Created *** Custom Clip Art *** Free GIG To First 5 Responders!

Hi All!

I have been a seller on fiverr now for just over a year. My main gigs have revolved around audio projects; voice overs, customer music, jingles, radio spots, etc.

Creative works have always been my passion and I have been recently working on graphic design.

I am working to create a new GIG for customized “Clip Art” style graphics for use on websites, print materials, etc. They can be used for icons, web buttons, letterhead accents and anything that someone might want a customized graphic for.

They can be in color, black and white, shiny or flat.

What I am asking from the fiverr community is a little help with some inspirations to get a brief portfolio established.

For the first 5 responders, I will provide the GIG free of charge! All I ask in return is the use of the finished design for display in my portfolio for the GIG here on fiverr. I will be first doing simple designs, i.e. single objects such as fruit, a tv, coffee cup, trees, a book…you get the idea.

If you are interested, please respond to this post letting me know and inbox me the following information:

  1. What object or idea would you like created?
  2. Are there any specific colors you would like incorporated?
  3. Would you like a flat design or glossy in appearance?
  4. Anything else that you feel will help assist in the creation of your design!

    The final file will be delivered as a PNG file and you will have free use of the graphic as you please. I will utilize the final graphic for my portfolio to display as a previous work for my GIG on fiverr.

    Please let me know if you have any questions and thanks for reading this far!!! :slight_smile:



Hello! I would like one. I’m messaging you now…

Awesome! Thanks so much! We’ll be in touch! :slight_smile: