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New Gig. Check it out!

Hi there! After getting such a nice response on my other gigs, I have finally uploaded a new gig related to my field. Check it out and let me know what you think. Feel free to contact me if you want a great-looking responsive one-page portfolio website. Thanks!



it looks nice. One advice, since you ask our opinion: it is against Fiverr TOS to accept “e-mails” from buyers users. To message you in Fiverr inbox is OK. And it is best that you double check if it is allowed to invite potential buyers to your LinkedIn page. The reason I mention this is because it is written on your second gig-image.

All the best with sales!


Hey, thank you for the advice and concern. I am aware of fiverr tos and the picture is a collage of an example portfolio website. It shows the contact page of ‘that portfolio’. You may notice that I have especially blanked the email section with a white rectangle. So the ‘LinkedIn’ word is just written in the image but not a specific link or the address is mentioned. It actually represents the icons below. Hope it clears the confusion. :slight_smile:

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