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New Gig Denied for Duplicate Image

I added a new Gig with a totally different image from my original gig, and text added to the image, and my request was denied for using a duplicate image. I had a series of photos taken that are pretty similar, but all are unique, It’s called branding! When I submitted a help ticket to explain that the images, although similar, were 100% different images, I received a response asking me to remove the “similar” image. While updating some pricing on my gigs and saving the changes, I received a notification that my gig had been approved…I was thrilled! Then when I was searching for my gig I realized it was not appearing anywhere from the buyers view. I submitted another help ticket to inquire, and was told my gig was denied for duplicate image (but no notification was provided). I understand the policy about original images being required, and although I see other sellers with duplicate images all over the place, I understand if Fiverr is trying to get away from that. But I don’t understand how if I have a series of images that were professionally done for branding purposes, and are unique but just similar, that I can’t use them simply because they are “similar” Any help would be appreciated…Thanks!

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I would like to see the images you had that were denied. I see similar branding images all over too and thought of making some so I’m puzzled, like you, that yours were removed. I can imagine how confusing and upsetting it must be for you.

Have you requested that a different customer support person look at them? You can do that if you want to.

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Can you try this one? sample

I understand design is not perfect but maybe it will work.


hmmm, that’s a tough call. There is no design on that, just a photo of you with some words on it. I like the design that alonercro did for you a lot.

If you have more of a design element, with the photo being not the main thing but instead equal in size to the print it would help. You can get an artist to do this for you and ask customer support about it first.

@alonercro that was really nice of you to make a design for free!

Different enough for me, and I don´t really think that using a different font or some swirls would solve the issue, apart from that we should be able to create gig images that suit our tastes and ideas of branding (as long as they aren´t against ToS, or look completely unprofessional perhaps) I can´t for the life of me see why your unique photos of yourself aren´t okay while lots of sellers use stock photos. Maybe try explaining your branding concept as clearly, simply and briefly as possible and ask for a team lead to look at it?

Thanks…it has been reviewed a couple times and got forwarded to another team which denied it. Seems there’s kind of quick responses without the personal involvement, maybe due to high volume. I went ahead with a TOTALLY different image that was approved.