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New Gig discovery alienating sellers

The New Gig discovery rolled out today has removed the Express Gigs option which allows us who deliver quickly to get selected by buyers browsing.

It has been replaced by a time scale which only shows delivery time by days - Any seller can say they deliver in 1 day and not … this puts us who do the work and reply to buyers quickly at a disadvantage.

The changes Fiverr is making. It’s purposely aimed at killing business for sellers.

This is really starting to become a drag.

Reply to @nickj2013: The site design or people complaining haha

I don’t understand what you mean. If a seller’s timeframe is listed as 1 day, they have to deliver in 1 day or the order can be cancelled. Is something new from the old system?

Reply to @alliemadison12: The Express gig window was for those who actually delivered in 1 day and maintained the quick delivery - The time slider incorporates anyone who says they do but don’t. Whilst some of us actually work to deliver quickly, those that don’t are benefiting

I actually got used to the new site design. It’s okay. My issue now though is the search results on fiverr for keywords is still a little wonky.

I think it would be better to create a new topic rather than to necro a 3 year old one :scream: Though your avatar does make it seem like you are a necromancer of a sort!