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New gig do not find Search

How long after publishing the gig It comes in search?


Is the Gig in approved Status?

Once fully approved it can be seen immediately. Test this by getting the link to your Gig (or profile) and pasting into a new Browser Tab. I found:

Your gig seems alive to me.

As for appearing in Search, if someone is searching, you might be there. Trust in that. Don’t waste time looking for yourself over and over. Your Gig is live.

If I may say, you might want to look at that TOS re using Fiverr’s logo. Generally, it is very bad manners to use the logo of a business to make yours look better. The same goes for Adobe logos. What does it matter what tools you use? Do you ask a plumber what brand of spanner he uses before you hire him?

I would strongly advise not to use these Template style images as they don’t prove anything bout what your work looks like. It even suggests that maybe you have no work to show. Show real work. A real flier for the local Satanist Scones with Blood & Mucus Night is worth infinitely more than pages of templates that don’t feel real at all, especially if people see what seems exactly the same template things on many seller’s gigs.

Stand up. Stand out.



i think you are absolutely right. and really good advice!

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Thanks for your valuable advice…

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Your gig has been approved but now It will take time to appear in the search result bar, when your gig impression will increase only then your gig will continue to come up in the search result.
Be online and Keep it up!!! Good wishes for your bright future at Fiverr