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New Gig Getting Featured


How much we can expect an increase in sale of a new gig if it gets “FEATURED” for a level 2 seller…:grin:


@arsl_khan There’s no increase in sales. Maybe an increase in inquiries.


@frank_d you have given a perfect answer, so let me rephrase my question how much increase in inquiries we can expect when a gig is got featured, of course the number of sales depends upon the quality of work i can offer and the abilities to complete that :slight_smile:


well when my gig got featured I got like 2-3 more messages per day for about a couple of weeks.

other than my personal experience, I really doubt there’s any official data or a formula on the matter.

But you may want to manage your expectations. Getting featured sure sounds great, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. :slight_smile:


ok thanks for your opinion buddy :slight_smile: