New Gig: Hurricane Balls - Science Gadget/Toy


I’ve just started, but here’s my gig. I’m offering a small and hopefully cool product that people might want to buy as a desk toy or fun gift (it goes over 1000 rpm). I’m not sure how well this works on Fiverr, since it seems to mainly be designed for services. I’m not here to advertise, but I was hoping people could take a look and give me feedback. Thanks!


Awesome one question

How much for shipping to the UK?


Shipping to the UK should be around $10, but I’m not exactly sure. I also know that’s not ideal, for something that’s supposed to be $5. If I were only a level higher, I could offer extras.


I’ll defiantly drop you an order if you let me know the exact shipping cost


Reply to @ozzieuk: I can ship it to you in UK for 9 dollars on Fiverr (it costs 7.50 for me, but Fiverr needs to take a fraction of the shipping cost as well).


Reply to @jeremyt123: Done :smiley:


A video to show you how it works: