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New gig, I can dance to your music with school girl outfit , if you want to promotion your music , just check here :)

HI, I had now 21 gigs has many different dance style or outfits , just check my profile and find out the gig you like. Thanks :slight_smile:


excellent… :smiley:

They are awesome… :heart_eyes:

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Sounds great! And catchy too.

Do you also multiple yourself as shown in the image? (just joking, you did an awesome job) :smiley:

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Thank you , I do not really understand so well of you joke , lol :sweat_smile:

Sorry! Nothing important, really. I saw the dancing ladies in the above picture and then came up with the joke.
Don’t worry about it, it’s of my silly mind works.

Again, I love your gig!

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That’s fine to me , and thank you to like my gig :smile:

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