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New gig improvement tips

Hello, guys. I am new at fiverr.
I have heard a lot about this platform and I am very much impressed with this platform.

I have created my account over here, I provide content writing services. SEO blogs, articles, website content, etc.

Please, have a look at my gig and let your feedback. Please, let me know if I am lacking somewhere or not.
I will really appreciate your help:)

My GIG link:



These articles may help you .

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These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will be your SEO article, blogs and website content writer
In the gig description:
“boost your business? you are at the right place.” could be “boost your business? You are at the right place.”

In the FAQ section:
“out sourcing” could be “outsourcing”

In the profile:
“. My self Mike.” could be “. I’m Mike.”

Thanks, anything else?

In the main gig image you could say “PLAGIARISM FREE CONTENT” instead of “PLAGFREE CONTENT”.

Lemme fix it. Thanks for your help

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You will get several blogs and posts regarding this. Try studying a little. Everything will be clear. Welcome and Best of Luck

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