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New gig in a niche I don't know much about


So music is my thing. But I graphic design as well. I want to start building up my Fiverr with all sorts of services. plus I’d like to make some more money (who doesn’t) so I started this new gig, where I create album covers.

I understand the graphic design niche on Fiverr is huge – how can I make my gig stand out? Here’s it is:



@youngnfresh – Music is a completely different business model and you’d need to think about it over a sip of coffee.

As for graphic design, focus on that. It’s big on Fiverr, and it works well enough for you. Lots of potential, right off the bat, without you having to “think”, “wonder”, or even “hope”. You’ll just get too busy for that.



You should mention graphic design in your profile. buyers want a professional graphic designer, not a professional musician, if you see what I mean.

I like your album cover but looking at the gigs that come up first on the search, their primary images are more engaging, so maybe have a look around and choose something that really makes people click.