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New gig is filed under DRAFT GIGS


Today I created a new gig, my first one using packages and instead of it being active immediately it is filed under DRAFT GIGS.
Pending approval or requires modification I can understand but DRAFT GIGS means that I need to finish editing my GIG when in fact I did finish it.

Am I doing something wrong here?


Yes, Same to me :slight_smile: What is problem to post a new gigs.


same for me, the new gig showing in Draft instead of Active


My gigs are also in the draft,while i completed them.


Mine too.
Tried editing a few times but nothing changed.


I have contacted Customer Support about this, just awaiting feedback from them. As soon as I hear anything I will post it here.
I also tried editing the gig a couple of times but also without any result.


same problem




did everyone here make packages, on the new gig? maybe we should just make the gig without packages and than add them later. I’m gonna try that now. I’ll tell you what happened.


IT’S ALIIIIVE!!! yeah… simply put… this solved it. I just deactivated the packages and it works now. I’m gonna see if I can activate packages now, and if it will stay active.


For me it is also working (with packages), yesterday I also tried without packages but it was not working then, so my guess is that it was just a general issue that effected a lot of us but it seems that they fixed it.


did your problem solved by deactivating the package, cause mine effect nothing no change still in DRAFT


Contact with Fiverr support team. They will fix the issue. I faced the same problem. But now my gigs are published.


I need some Help


Forgot to let you all know that when I contacted the Fiverr Support Team my issue was fixed.
Did not even have to wait all that long.


My new gig is also filed under DRAFT. How do I fix this?


Hello, M also very tired to publish new gig , its move automatically on the draft . i contact fiverr support but they said i did not completed gig while i have fill all details , now what i do ?


how ? can you tell me please. im waiting so long


how ? can you tell me, please


i cant deactivate them