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New Gig, let's exchange feedbacks

Hey guys, I got a new Gig, if you could rate my layout and presentation I can give you some feedback on your gig as well :smiley:

Edit: Thank you all for the great feedback ! :slightly_smiling_face:


Congrats on the new gig! I like that chart you have breaking it all down for us in terms of what you get. I would recommend a video showing some of the process or the types of 3D printers you use. How does that sound?


Thank you sir for your amazing feedback <3 Would you like me to give you feedback on your gig?

Of course. I am always looking to improve. Thank you.

I love your voice, I think it really fits well with book reading. Maybe you should offer a gig where you an essay or something!

Thank you. I have done a few audiobooks, but I don’t have the patience for them. They take forever! Ha ha

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If you opened this topic ready to tell the OP that feedback exchange is not allowed just know you are not alone, haha

Edit: OP what you’re doing it’s fine is just that it could be mistaken by exchanging actual reviews in the gig, which wouldn’t be allowed.


Love your gig, you have high quality work! Perhaps your cover photo for your gig could be replaced by the second or third photo you have there? Those photos give a better idea of what your work encompasses :open_mouth: Hope this helps!


You should add some varity on your work sample, all 3 sample looks very similar. Also do some work on your Main gig image, it’s too simple.

And you can find a lot of post on Improve My Gig section, you can add your opinion on there to help other community members.


Did you turn off your live portfolio? I see great samples in your reviews that aren’t showing up on your gig images. You might want to check and see if you have live portfolio enabled so samples are easier to see.


Thank you for the great feedback <3

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It is a new gig, the last one was very messy
, and I just wanted to start all over again

Take it easy Sir, we are being constructive to each other and not spammy

I really like your gig!


I love how you made viewers attracted by adding bold, attracting text to your description

Showcase pictures

You may consider making primary picture to be more attractive so when somebody searching stumbles across your Gig, primary picture really catches their eye and make it stand out from the competition.

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Thank you for your opinion <3 will note

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By the way, do you have any words for my Gig and/or profile. Have a great time!

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I like the picture on your gig, I think the other 2 pictures should be inserted as well, maybe if you have any done samples that you could post there. If you are bored, I also recommend creating more gigs with your topic, for example: “I will create an awesome website for flight enthusiasts” or “I will create a website with your awesome car album”

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The gig is very well written and gets straight to the point on what you offer to buyers. Only two things are maybe add a little more variety of models other than a thumb drive and have a few more visual elements in the main cover photo to get people’s attention.


thank you for your opinion <3

I am new here and can’t really asses your gig. I liked your gig and I thought may be you can give me some advice about my gigs.
Should I paste my gig links here?