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New Gig, Looking for Feedback

Hi Friends! Please check my new Gig and do give me feedback so that I can implement it. Thanks

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Where is it? Put your link.

Hi there @kushalparekh13, you only allowed one thread of the same topic. I just helped you a bit on your way. Check your other thread, Good luck!!

Warmly, Humberto

I cannot see your reply. Please help me out once again.


I just made changes to my gig. I want you to have a check on this and let me know whether it is perfect or not. I have kept only 1 package as it is going to be my first order infuture. Later on i will add other pricing as well. Please let me know whether now it is correct or not.

Thanks in Advance.

You should definitely spend some time with your GIG SEO + Add more text:

What sort of content i should add to get order’s…? Please advice