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New Gig Not Showing Up In Searches


I’m new to Fiverr and recently posted my first gig. I provide relationship and interpersonal skills coaching for those who frequently get into conflicts with others. But I noticed that I can’t find my gig in a search, even when I search “relationship coaching” or “conflict”. Is there some reason for that? Something I can change to fix that?


All new gigs (and newly edited gigs) are reviewed by Fiverr before they are allowed into the Fiverr search system. This process can take a few days.


Ah, okay, so that’s why. Thanks!


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


My gig still isn’t showing up in searches, but it says “Active” rather than “Pending Approval”. It always said “Active” from the moment I finished it. Is this normal?


as jonbaas said before, active gigs also have to wait till Mod’s review and release.


My advice is to be patient. You have to.