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New gig on Draft

Hi I need help on my Gig, I’m new in Fiverr Whenever I try to make a Gig in Fiverr, it saves it as a draft. Why is that? Please help.

you can edit the drafts gig and then publish… …so it will be active.

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@rima_ritu I already did Many times. edit gig and re-publish. but always sent my Gig to the Drafts.

Like Rima_ritu said, you can go to “gigs” and navigate to Draft, then you can edit your gig, make sure all is right with your gig and then publish it. Good luck, and best wishes here on fiverr.

Make sure that you completed everything correctly, including uploading a gig image

Yes Sir @kishane92 I already completed everything but the same thing happens always going under Drafts. I don’t know what to do now. I tried the Methods in past.

if you properly tried and not solve the issue. then you can knocked the fiverr help & support system.

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Yes I tried to Email them and I’m waiting for their reply. I posted in this Forum trying to find a help from you guys. Thank you for your time.

In that case I hope support responds to you quickly and you have your issue fixed soon.