New Gig Order or Inbox Msg Notification


Hi, is it possible to setup email notification when someone orders a gig or when someone sends you a message into inbox? I do not want to login into every day to chech if there is any new job or msg in my inbox.


Is there a seeting for this? I only have Profile/Settings/Receive weekly digest - but I guess this is not the setting I am looking for, right?


Fiverr automatically sends these notifications. If you’re not getting them, I’d open up a help ticket.


Also, check your spam/bulk. You may be getting them but they’re just going into spam.


I got such notifications since I registered here.


You should be getting those emails.

Personally, I have configured my inbox to send all emails like this, from Fiverr, to go into a specific folder - so I can easily see and track.

I also have this folder auto purge after 3 days, to make sure I do not clog my email up, as so many emails are sent