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New gig, order within 3 hour!


I was trying to get some sales as video editor for month, and there was nearly no one intrested in my gig. Yesterday I created new gig - voiceover. Guess what, 3 hours and first order. I was shocked! Looking forward for more sales.


wow !!! congrats . Wish you all the best


Tha8 is great keep up !


that’s good , congrats!

I’ve also created my gig yesterday and still waiting for requests to come :muscle:


Congratulations!!! Hope you continue to get more orders.


Congratulations! Best wishes for your success!:slight_smile:


i like the casey neistat editing gig-- i’m a fan of his. Sad he stopped vlogging, but-- happy he’s taking some well-deserved time off!


Wish tou the very best


Congratulations! Wish you many many sales.


Thank you all. Best of luck for everybody!

Yea, it’s sad :confused: His vlogs were so inspirational, great person. He show me that everybody can reach success doing what they love, they just need to work reaaally hard. Cheers.


Wow!!! It’s really quick! Good luck with this gig!


New here…any advice on how i can get lotsa gigs??


Wow! Really fast result.


Great result.Carry on !!
But still now,i cannot good result. I wait for an good result. :slight_smile:


Nothing new. To be honest, only things which I’m doing are::

  • use buyer request
  • having good description
  • having good gig video and thumbnail

Consider promoting your gig on tweeter or any social media like that (for me facebook is not a best option for promoting gig). Also, promoting on blogs and sites related to your gig is much better way to get some attention than social media.

I think that the key is making your gig special. There is a lot of graphic designers and these nieche is really competitive so it’s hard to find work. Try offer something new and fresh. If you can’t do that, you really need to make your gig look professional and offer excelent quality to get some sells. That is just my, maybe not optimistic, opinion :smiley:



Make sure your response rate is good at the beginning, its a key to win an order at the first place.


Congratulations! Hopefully mine will do as well.
Make sure you do everything you can to make him leave a positive review.