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New Gig: Personal Picture Editing Inspiration

I am a logo artist that came to fiver looking to make high quality vector, logos. I did research and found out that the market is PACKED. There is very minimal room to grow there with so much competition. So I have changed my approach, I am offering a new gig that takes un-copyrighted or your own copyrighted photos and I will add an inspirational quote to them. Come to me if you would like a inspirational quote+photo or a quote added to an existing photo.

I will Also make this quote personal to you: If you are in a situation and need a little inspiration or some joy, include in your order message what is happening and I will make the quote with that in mind. You will own all copyrights! Please support a new person to Fiverr!

This product is being updated: In order to reach level 1 seller as fast as possible, I am increasing the amount of photos to two for just $5. Buy one, get one free. This is up until the first 10 orders. Get your personalized photo quickly!