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NEW Gig // Postcard from the beautiful Netherlands! 4 reasons to buy one!

I will send you an appealing Dutch postcard from the Netherlands to anywhere in the world!

Why would you want a postcard?

  • Convince your friends that you’re on an amazing vacation!
  • Reminder of your favorite place.
  • A present for your friends or family.
  • A collectors item for your postcard collection!

I will send you one of the given postcards in the images. I will mark the order as delivered when I send your postcard, not when you receive it, as delivery time differs worldwide. The Dutch stamps will show that your post card came from the Netherlands.

The only thing you need to give me are your name, destination and message. I will do the rest for you!

*I’ll send your postcard the same day as you ordered, but due to problems at the postoffice a longer delivery time may occur.

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