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New Gig posted and an Annoying offers almost daily. How to get genuine clients?

It has been about 10 days since I posted my first gig and then another gig - after 7 days. Now that I have 2 gigs, I have seen some offers come in. But all the offers I received in last 10 days seems to be fake requests. In fact looks like a person has tried to reach me in all different ways of asking me to go to ■■■■■, upwork and also get me on Discord etc. This has been my experience. Wondering how to get Real work/clients? Thanks.

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Hi, @vaadya! I know that getting messages from scammers is frustrating, but don’t let them get to you. Just keep providing good work and improving your gigs and you’ll get some legit buyers.

Here are some posts I think you should read:

I hope this helps you :grin: