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I’m new member in fiver. how to i improve my work?


Welcome to Fiverr forum
You should practice daily for improve your work and try to active in the forum
Thank you

Welcome in fiverr!
To be a successful seller you have to improve your work and skill everyday. Learn a new thing which is related to your service. You can follow people who have expertise same service. See and practice their best work. Just do it. After few days you can see your improvement.
Thank you!

Read the tips on the forum and you’ll find many things need
Always read the forum tips when relaxing
There are many things you need to succeed.

welcome to fiverr.
try to rank up your big by creating wonderful gigs

I’m a new member on Fiverr. How do I improve my work?

  1. “Baground remove” is not a skill unless I am missing something?
  2. “Bannar design” is not a skill, but if your potential buyers also know banners as bannars you strike gold mine here
  3. You have too many “I’m” in description
  4. Your description of GIG’s is too bland
  5. When I opened your GIG Fiverr on the bottom recommended me top sellers that have same/similar images as yours

Other than that, all is good.

Anyway thanks for your advice