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New gig question

How do I create a new gig on the fiverr app? Please? I’m signed in.

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Try creating gigs using your pc. For the time I’ve been in Fiverr, I’ve not seen an option of creating gigs on the app.


It works on my iPad on the site. I realize


Making a gig requires much javascript features, which, mobile phones or tabs don’t offer. You have to use laptops or pc.

Please research before making a gig.

Best of luck.

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@sfashionability for creating a new you first of all click on become a saller option and then you will get the interface for make gig. Now you have to follow some Tips.

First of select your expertise field.
Then search this service on fiver you will see that a lot of people already create gig on your favourite service try to analyse those gigs and take some idea.
Try to make your GIG different from other so that buyers become impressed.
And once you have a proper idea start to create your gig.
hope it will help you :purple_heart:

Best of luck :blush::blush::blush:

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Not yet on fiverr app

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He was talking about fiverr app, this functionality is not in the app yet

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