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New Gig Search System & Old Rating System

Yesterday, I received one after another 6 orders: all from new people. I wondered what made my day; I was hardly moving inch by inch to glory on fiverr and it was very hard to make my voice heard. So what happened over a night that I received 6 orders (highest in a day so far)? I figured out that it was fiverr’s new gig search system. Previously, it was very hard for my gig to appear from the ocean of gigs; for a buyer it was like finding a needle from the haystack. Yet, now it is very easy. For example, I offer my writing services and one of my gig is press release gig. Now, if you go to Writing & Translation > Press Release and then chose New Gig and Level 1 Seller, you would easily find my gig. (Oh snap! They are back to previous search system)

Another change is in fiverr’s rating system; thankfully they have restored good, old thumbs up/thumbs down rating system. Thanks for this fiverr! Please apply the new gig visibility system again.