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New gig shows update required

It shows “update required” after publish a new gig. It’s active but have an exclamatory sign! Not showing in category search result page. Can I take order in this situation? Don’t know why it’s happening


You need to make sure the “Service Type” part is filled out. Once you do that, look over everything to make sure there’s nothing left unfilled.

thanks for your comment. all fields I’ve filled out… I’m frastrated

So finally is that resolved?

same problem here… can not able to create keyword reseach gig… fiverr shows update required when i choose this catagory… if i change the catagory then all ok

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Same issues, I can’t able to find out what to do?

Delete gig then try to new one

I think, You should delete this gig and retry Again. I think, your problem will be solve.

deleted once recreated again but the same problem. :confused: :

deleted once recreated again but the same problem. :confused:: is there any other way?

“update required” will appear when you select “keyword research” category. you can change it to “competitor Analysis” or “on page SEO”. But if you keep it in “keyword research” category. it wont be any problem because many gig on the top ranked have the “keyword research” category.

thank you


your exactly right . .if you I change the service type in “competitor Analysis” or “on page SEO” and error was removed . . . But kindly clear me 1 thing. . .If I will select keyword research as a service type and gig is active with update required sign . .Is My Gig will work fine with this? or Is it compulsory to select that service type through this update required is not shown. . . thanks


if you select keyword research as your category it’ll not be any problem. Many gigs are in the top pages have “keyword research” category

thank you !

thanks alot . . mithun. . .

my pleasure :slight_smile: best wishes