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New Gig Special - Curious About Someone and Want to Know More?


Have you ever wondered about a neighbor, a new girlfriend or boyfriend, someone you want to hang out with, or even just someone you’ve known for a while but wonder what you DON’T know? You might be surprised, or you might not!

If you know the name of someone in the USA and you’d like to know more about them, I might be able to help you. I now offer a specific background and court record search on any U.S. resident.

FORUM ONLY SPECIAL: If you contact me before ordering and mention that you found me on the Fiverr forum, I will give you a very special package deal for only $5. You will get:

The $10 package on my new gig for the price of the $5 gig
A preliminary check before you even order to see if your target is available
Any other results found in a basic search, even if they aren’t related to court records.

This is a limited time offer to boost this new gig, so if you are interested, write to me and ask about the forum cyber-detective special -

Note: Please don’t send me a name or any contact details on yourself or the person you want to find until we discuss your general request. Fiverr does not allow contact details sent via inbox and they may not catch that it’s related to an order. :slight_smile:


A great initiative to promote your gig!!


Heh, sometimes you have to take your own advice! Thanks!


Self-motivation is the key to getting the highest success.


Cool deal :slight_smile:
I was just browsing on the sights that offer pay per month people search and even they don’t offer a complete targeted comprehensive information that is in your gig. Sometimes just need to track down a single individual and suddenly get hit with a pay-now $100 + per year with no certainty you will find the information about the person in question. Not only that, but you are left of your own to figure out how to navigate the system and tease out the useless information. This gig really is a treasure, wish I would have known about it months back.

A little gig promo there… :wink: but just had to toss it in.


Thanks Fiverr At Your New Service


Thank you! I had a hard time with justifying the fees for these sites when I started out using them for genealogical and personal research years ago. Some of the sites were really terrible, too, and others were quite good.

Many of the best ones run up to $190 a year for limited use, so it can be a mess for someone who just needs a one-time search, wants to check out their own name, or needs a handful of searches at once. Clients have been really happy with my contact info version of this gig, so I decided to expand a bit!

I see you have a Real Estate Marketing video gig, may be we’ll get to work together sometime. I’ve done some real estate research also and might expand to that area, and it might be interesting to obtain some information on that market. See ya around the forum!


Would you be able to find out where a person currently works?


You know, that real estate gig is the one I get the highest views and messages asking me about it but not a single taker on my offers. I think I need to revisit it. Been here about a month now and finally I’m starting to get a noticed more on Fiverr. It was a slow start but worth it so far.

I’ll keep you in mind on my next people search. Part of my “day-job” anthropology research requires some interesting digging into non-historic records to trace ancestry and relatives for proper identification during our excavations.


Sometimes. All the reports I search for have an option to look at the professional section. It can be populated if the person has professional social media accounts or has listed their credentials on a resume site, etc.

If you are interested in knowing more about how it works and what I can find, send me a forum PM and we can chat. I’ve got to be off for sleep right now and will be out half a day tomorrow for an appointment, but otherwise I’ll be around! :slight_smile: