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New GiG Tags Not hightlighted and save

Hi Admin and Friends ,I am making New GiG But Tags are Not highlighted in the Search tags and because of that can’t Save and Continue to go ahead .Kindly Help me out as all other stuff ready only GiG page creating left in the website.

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Weird question, but did you press the enter button after you added the new tag? I just tested it and I can add 2021 as a search tag by pressing enter. I took the tag back off because it is not relevant to my gig, but it did save with it there.

Frnd It strange but it happening I tried different words and enter but nothing happening .

Have you added tags before without having an issue?

No my friend ,It happening 1st Time …

I tried With different browsers and with cell phone also but same problem.Any IT guy help me out …

I Checked , It Working Now .

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