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New gig : video Editor

I am new at fiverr, I want to just know which is good Shortcut Video editor or Adobe premier Pro.
Right now I am use Shortcut Video Editor.
Please reply

Of course Adobe Premiere Pro is better but it’s not free like Shotcut.

Thanks Brother hanimatm3d…

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Adobe Premiere Pro costs â‚ą1,675.60/mo (about $23/month) in your country.

Thank you Brother blavaro…

Hi, And welcome to Fiverr!
I use Adobe Spark too.

Good luck!
J Salas Voice

Thanks… salasmedia…thanks…

Well I use FCPX (trial version, free for three moths) Then its only 299$ Much cheeper and better option than Adobe products (in pricing)

I don’t agree or participate in subscription based software, when once it was a single payment.
iMovie is also free (on mac) and well upto mist tasks.

Also DaVinc is also a better alternative to adobe products. Also a single payment and NOT subscription based.

Just my 10c worth :•)

Thank you so much depenl…you save me… thanks.

I am also video editor. But expert in filmora and camtasia. Nice to meet you.

adobe premier pro :blush:

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