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New Gig where you are PAID to get more traffic for leads!

Yes, you heard that right, “I will PAY you”, to get traffic by using our social media content automation marketing software!

News Poster is our Advanced AI Researching, Writing, and Posting Tool for Social Media and Blogs.

It will find popular and relevant news pieces and automatically post them to your social media like Facebook and Twitter, as well as optionally to your blogs!

The advanced AI that does all the researching and writing for you, and then you can choose to have the system automatically post to your social media and/or blogs, or just queue up the posts for your review.

We’ll not only let you try News Poster for FREE for 30 days…

Basic Package: We’ll actually PAY YOU $5 to try it out for FREE! (You get most of your money back by ordering this gig!)

For more information just check out my gig =>

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