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New gig with 1 work and 0.0 review showing as the 1st gig of search page!


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I truly believe that fiverr uses some strategies to do more profits, like any other capitalist company, but it doesn’t make fiverr invincible.

I cant say how effective these strategies are, but some are clearly nonsense. Times like this, they “hurt” their own marketplace, and who pays for this, those sellers who worked hard to get a good placement, and also fiverr itself for poor strategies like this.


Great question ever​:+1::+1:


Many leveled sellers have noted and discussed this issue at length on the Forum. However, Fiverr must have its reasons a for operating the way it does. :wink:


My own ramblings on how I think this is happening.

Hi Fiverr’ss -
This might explain why Leveled sellers are hurting recently.
I’m a relatively new seller but recently I had 1 of my gigs get the “Rising Talent” badge. This shot up my sales and ultimately helped me get to Level 1. But because I was was very near getting Level 1 before I got the badge,. This opened up a little window into how Fiverr’s new ranking now works. Obviously when the rising talent badge went away so did the volume of sales. So with the help of some poker and mathematics I came up with this sad realisation. Knowing any of this won’t help get your gig up futher. And remember this is just my personal belief. I won’t bore you with the specifics just the outcome.

  1. Avalanche Shuffle Ranking…
    Online poker uses “the Avalanche shuffle” to keep the deck honest. Imagine all the gigs in a category are in a big deck of cards that continually shuffles, new gigs are thrown in there when they arrive. Accept this shuffle is not that honest. (Its a Bit like a dodgy black jack deck with to many face cards.)

2 Level Sellers Are Face Cards…
So a Jack would be level one. And an Ace would be a Pro-Seller “lol”. The rest of the deck are new Sellers. Depending on how many millions of gigs there are Fiverr works out how many “Face cards” it needs to put in the shuffle at any given time.
This is to try and make if fair so every one gets a chance. But it’s not because established sellers are shafted by this deal …and no amount of working harder or marketing can fix it…read on.

3.The Result of This Shuffle.
So the deck is in a constant Shuffle. Let’s say a buyer searches for “voice over”, the search deals out a mixed bag of new and experienced gigs
This is why sometimes there is no ryme or reason for your positioning. For some bad gigs ending up at the top sometimes.

4 This is Why Gig Sales Are Fluctuating
I’m putting this in very simple terms. But essentially because the decks of cards are now so huge. Luck now plays a big part in how well you do. This is why people are getting sales and statistics all over the place.

5 An example
A buyer types in “British voice over” .On this day Fiverr makes half the deck all Jack’s. Because you are a level 1 seller. You have a 50/50 chance that the shuffle will spit you out on top. Thats good odds. But that’s not the reality, because the deck is changing every couple of days.

6 Deck Change Every 3-4 days
I would say Fiverr decides how many face cards are in the deck every couple of days

7 Why do this now
Vast number of bloated gigs, lots of gigs not earning a dime. Fiverr wanting to go public… Better to have a poor gig earn a few bucks once in a while than sit on the server taking up valuable space.

This might sound crazy, but I bet this is how it works now.


More prosaically I think instead that there is a team of people that have a strong knowledge of Operations Research and use a Business Intelligence software.


Complicate it all you want. Most things boil down to simplicity. If it walks like a duck its a duck most of the time. Thanks for you sarcastic view on this.


There is no sarcasm at all: it’s a branch of applied mathematics, just not so simple as a duck.


It’s a whole lot of that to boil the mathematics into a way to maximize profits, to peak investors At the end of day you just included the ingredients for a stale egg salad sandwich.

I love you Fiverr. Don’t ban this thread
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