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New Gig

I am a writer and a blogger and have been making gigs related to writing. There is no better place to let people know about this than here. Check out my new gig, I have a perfect record, and maybe you would be interested in buying it.

Check my profile out here

Sheriff’s Note: Place Your Self Promotion in the MY FIVERR GIGS section. Moved.

Hello. Please don’t spam the forums with self-promotion. This belongs on “My Fiverr Gigs”.

Is it spam if I said it once? I dont think so.

Reply to @v_fesenko: Spam is also defined as unwanted or inappropriate material. Your multiple posts have contributed nothing to any of the topics you posted in, you aren’t looking for assistance or offering any, merely plugging yourself, and they weren’t appropriate to those forums. No one wants to read self-promotion in the Tips forum, or the general conversation. Therefore, your posts were unwanted and inappropriate, also known as SPAM.

Is it spam if it’s said more than none? I think so.