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New gigs Active but no impressions

I’ve had two gig live for a few weeks now without as sale.

One particular gig Offers a video opener from a template library of 100s. I thought perhaps instead of a confusing holistic gig, I should look at having 100s of separate gigs for each individual template.

I have added two more gigs as a test to see if they convert & sell better

Unfortunately these active gigs are not getting impressions nor do they show up on the list of more gigs by me.

Can somebody point me in the direction on any rules around this

Hi, make longer descriptions, add gigs in proper category, add them in the different categories of the same nices to get more buyer requests. Add effective tags. Use unique image/video, send buyer’s requests.

Thx heaps arslanlb I am giving that a go

Hey! Did u figure out a solution