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New gigs for a new Fiverr Era?


Ok, this could be nothing and this isn’t reflected in any kind of sales data as I have NO SALES. -That said I’m pulling way over 12 hour days slowly tweaking things… (If you are going to moan, moan after lots of tweaking, not before).

Anyway, like I said, this isn’t reflected in sales data yet but it seems that new gigs which I have created over the past 2-3 weeks are soaring in impressions and clicks. My old gigs in the mean time, are sinking faster than you can say catfish.

So… Something to keep an eye on. I know that once you have created a gig title, that title is permanently fused into the gig URL itself. In this case, if your gigs are flatlining, it might be worth doing a split test where you attempt to tweak an existing gig whilst also creating a completely new version.


Sounds Interesting. Probably worth a try.


I was curious about this since I’m struggling to get orders right now and I know some of the reasons but not all of them. I just checked and my results are opposite on the new vs old thing. One of my old gigs that has quite a few reviews is doing poorly across the board, but otherwise my old gigs are getting some decent impressions. Clicks are meh everywhere.

My newest gigs are doing absolutely horrible. No impressions, no clicks, no orders, no messages. I can find them in search by keyword and filters and even tried timely buyer requests for the newest gig and all that failed to help. I was online (greenlight) for 4 hours yesterday while poking around and that had no affect either. Average pricing can’t affect the very newest one since it has no sales. I’m still clueless so far, usually I can get some decent activity on any new gig just by offering something really enticing. My images have never been that great and videos or lack have never affected me much, so if that’s a cause it’s new for me.

I’m really adding to this thread because I see changes and I am interested in knowing what is different that might broadly impact my sales over time. I already realize that I have some temporary self-imposed obstacles (like slow delivery time on some, some popular gigs on pause) so I’m not digging that deep right now.


There are a couple of suspicions of mine regarding new gigs getting better impressions and one of those is that there is a specific group of buyers that go only for the Newest Arrivals filter and even scroll through pages. These are the lowest budget buyers and they spend an inordinate amount of time looking for new gigs at hugely discounted prices.

This theory matches up with why many new level 1 sellers report massive drops in stats and orders after getting that badge - their gig has stopped showing in the Newest Arrivals tab.


Also, and this is important - I found out from CS today that even just clicking the edit button will send the gig into the 24-48 hour review purgatory - even if you don’t change anything or save it! I do that quite often to check if all my metadata etc is still ok as it has a habit of disappearing so I have probably been driving the CS guys nuts with reviews for nothing. Not sorry though - if it was a big deal they should make the system better.


Did tweaking have this effect? I did a double take by seeing this.



Yes, tweaking did have this effect. Behold my best ever heavily photoshopped (badly) pub selfie. It’s actually part of an idea that if people do Google searches on my profile image, they will actually be able to find my other freelance accounts and profiles. Google image searches work on pixels and standout (for an AI) shading and color distributions. This is why most of the time, you can search for a person and get ‘face’ or ‘hat.’

It’s all just a theory but I’m attempting to hack the system for my advantage.


I am an AI student, so yes I know that. :smiley:

But I actually was referring to the badge and review number. That is not right, right?

P.S: The image is not as bad as you believe it is. :wink:


Erm… No. That badge should be a TRS Pro Super Seller Badge! With 15,000 reviews! Quite right, feel free to complain to Fiverr on my behalf.

That said, I don’t know what you mean? Am I worse or better ranked by Fiverr now than you previously assumed I was?


Best guess for this image: jaw
Visually similar images:

:circus_tent: GAME time - YOU OWN IT -:shopping::shopping_cart:

HAHA. No, I knew (read=know) that you are a TRS with a lot of reviews. The reason I did a double-take by seeing the info being wrong.


Shouldn’t you be cleaning out my air vent Eoin? Come on it’s been 1 day. You know, I am hugely stressed right now with all of this. It’s not fair. I have wanted a week off from Fiverr for over a year and my week off due to no sales is being spent frying my brain in a big gig tweaking and marketing frying pan.

I will look at how I rank in two weeks from now in Google searches. If this doesn’t work out I will switch to more risque full-color selfies taken whilst posing alongside famous tourist attractions. Will that make you happy?


To be honest, I think your profile needs more Chico involvement.


Long time no speak/see you Font. Like I said, I don’t have any sales data to back up any assumptions on. However, like I said to someone today via a private message, I get a quarterly report from another (but not as big as Fiverr) freelance platform detailing different freelance trends.

In short, search algorithms and peoples search behavior is identified in the last report I read as becoming much more finely tuned. I’m therefore in the process of breaking up my previously best selling gig into different, more precisely targeted gig offerings.

Today I launched a new purely ‘about us’ page gig, I’ve also revamped my old SEO writing gig by making it afresh, and tomorrow I will start creating new gigs for writing niches which I am good at like health writing, diet and nutrition, tech sales copy writing etc.

This is all just an experiment which I am actually happy to have the time to do but so far, the new gigs which I am creating do seem to be getting more impressions.

Also, while I hate not getting orders, I must say that in doing an inventory of my gigs, I have found quite a few which should have been banished to the abyss a long time ago. In this case, I would say to anyone if you are serious about Fiverr or any freelance marketplace, you can’t just sit there while you don’t get sales. You have to use the time itself like an asset to improve yourself.


Officially cool :sunglasses: