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New gigs on Old in-active Profile OR New gigs on New Profile


Hello , i had joined fiverr in April 2014 but i did not create any gig back then i did not about all that. Now in May 2017 i have learned some skills and i joined my profile i set up my gigs now i have 6 gigs active but the problem is that i am not getting any order. So my question is that "This is all because my account remain in-active for 2-3 years ?
Should i create a new profile and take a new start ?
Here the link of my profile :
Need suggestion guys.
Waiting for reply, Thanks


Hmmm… from my point of view, I will see it like this:

A guy who has 6 active Gigs and since 3 years no orders… :confused:

What would you honestly think?


@wuerz123 i create my gig in 2014 but i did not create any gig and i left fiverr for 2 years , now in May 2017 i joined again and create gigs , my question is that is this work ? Does in activity of account for past 2 years matters ?


@zubii007 Let’s put it this way as you clearly didn’t get @wuerz123
I’m a buyer and I come looking to your profile for some service you offer. But what the fish, I just landed on some person who got no orders in 3 years. I wonder what the reason would be. Is this person not reliable? P.S I don’t know you didn’t use your account for years. I’m just seeing the statistics.


@saad_nagi so what should i do ? create a new profile ?
because now i am serious about working on fiverr , thanks


Exactly what @saad_nagi said:

If you don’t get orders it could be because when buyers see your profile: “Member since 2014” and now 6 Gigs without a single sale (there is no way to know if you’ve created your Gigs 3 years ago, 1 years ago or 1 month ago), they will see it like you haven’t sold a single order in 3 years.
Now you can decide what you need to do.


@wuerz123 yeah i got your point now thanks man


You can mention in your profile description that you have created gigs in May 2017, after you acquired sufficient skills to perform them.

If you wish to start with a new account, contact Customer Support first, tell them what you intend to do, and ask them to close your current account (having more than one account is a violation of the Terms of Service, and you don’t want to start with an offense that would get you banned).