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New girl in Fiverr! Hi, there...every tips and help will be appreciated 😀


Hi Fiverr community,
I’m Daniela, an italian new member. I’m glad to introduce my self to you and I hope to find good colleagues to exchange ideas and opinions with. So if you want to contact me your welcome!
Translation, writing, drawing are the kind of gig I’ll propose, but I’ll be happy to know people skilled in whatever category.
And just to start I have a question…maybe a stupid one, but please forgive me I signed up last night!! :wink:
The question is about in box messages, I received one and tried hard to open but I failed…the only text I can read is “‘sender nickname’ may not be contacted at this time”. Does this means that I can read only online people messages? Or there’s a way to open it anyway?
Thank you for the attention :slightly_smiling_face: and greetings to all :wave::wink:


No, it means that the sender broke the rules (and was probably banned from Fiverr, too), so Fiverr is protecting you.


Oh! Thanks catwriter, in fact, the sender’s nickname doesn’t seem to exist anymore in Fiverr!!!


Hi Daniela and welcome aboard!

I went ahead and checked out your profile and gig.

One suggestion I have would be to improve your gig description a little bit.

Fiverr lets you use up to 2500 characters as well as bold and italics.

Your turn around time and pricing is very attractive, but your gig description should include more keywords and really sell your visitor on why your service is better than the rest.

I remember when I first started on Fiverr I actually had a professional write my gig description for me. Even though I didn’t end up using it, and actually created my own I really learned alot.

Also, is Italian to English the only translation you do? You should maybe create a second gig with English to Italian translation.

The more gigs you have for different things the better your chances of getting sales.

Then once you start getting sales, just remember to treat this as your business!

Provide an amazing value to the customer, and deliver excellent customer service :+!:



That’s it, then, either a spammer or a scammer who was banned from Fiverr. No need to worry about them! :slight_smile:


Welcome! I’m new here too, though I created my account a couple years back.


If you want to reply that message sender allow them to message you.


You didn’t understand, the sender was banned from Fiverr. :slight_smile:


Welcome @danielalorusso


Oh yes!!! Certainly absolutely better this way :rofl:


Hi drake75, it’s hard life here for new sellers…I want to study all posts in forum just to learn how to move in the right way :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you ajmaintazwar :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much for your tips. Yes, I’ve to improve the description…I’m just thinking about a better one.
My gig concerns both translation: from english to italian and from italian to english…but I belive you’re right when you said that it would be better to offer two different gig instead of a single one.
Thanks a lot…any tips and advices are welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey! I’m also new here)).


Hi Daniela

Welcome to Fiverr. I’m also new here. I see you posted your intro in March. How has your experience progressed since then?



Wow!! Great suggestion.