New Girl


Hi y’all I’m new here and just wanna say hi!!!

Pls check out my gigs and tell me how you think I’m doing.


NB: No sales yet…lol.

Yaaaayy!!! Made 2 sales today Dec. 27. I now it’s not much compared to all the level 2 and top-rated sellers but gush, that feels good…


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thanks.


Reply to @wingle: Thanks a lot!


Reply to @alliemadison12: Wow. Thanks for the tips. I’ll work on that.



Hi and welcome!


Welcome and Wish You Best of Luck!




Welcome! If you are looking to get more sales, I suggest participating in forums that are full of people that would want your services. You can find some through a google search as I don’t think I am allowed to say here.

Also, I did want to point out that your photo is obviously a stock photo from the internet, and while you don’t have to post a photo of yourself, you would be better off drawing up a cartoon. Having a stock photo of an attractive women will turn away more buyers than it will bring in.

Good luck!


Welcome to the fiverr world trafficgirl01 looking forward to seeing your business grow, I also will be placing some business your way too as I need an SEO Partner I can trust.