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New guitar player/music composer

I’m Carlo from Italy!
I’m pretty new here and I’m really excited about Fiverr (I also selled some gigs too).
Contact me for everything that is music related or just to chat a bit so I can practice my poor English! :smiley:

See you soon!


Welcome to the forum. I tried to check out your music but it’s not working on my phone for some reason.

I’m impressed by your basic English test score. I’m a native English speaker and you did better than me! That test is hard!


Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

PS. I am using a laptop and your music is fine.

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I wonder why my phone isn’t playing audio anymore? I think it’s me because it’s the second time it’s happened.

Thank you so much, maybe we will work togheter someday! :grinning:

Welcome to the forum.

Have a great time

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