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New guy and am lost

Hey guys, am new in Fiverr and I like it a lot here in this forum. Problem is that I’ve not yet got a buyer. I’ve tried heading to the buyer requests but all I see are over a week old seller ads promoting themselves. Tried it too but it was not approved by the team. So someone please guide me and advise me on what to do


You are doing it the right way.
There is a certain time the freah requests are updated in each country

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Hey Martrui. Welcome to the forum.

Because it´s against Fiverr´s ToS, so don´t risk it. BR is for buyers to post requests and for sellers only to send offers. Some sellers don´t understand that and somehow some get their ads through, but they risk being reported.

I´ve looked at your gig, you just have one, and you only joined this month, and there are more people offering the same thing, so you might need a bit more patience. Some people sell a gig right away, some sell the first one after three months, it depends on the demand, the competition, your profile, your gig…

Keep checking Buyer Requests, and check your gig description very thoroughly, with gigs like transcription, even one minor spelling mistake or typo might keep buyers from ordering.

Other things I´d recommend - use a pic of yourself or a good logo as profile picture, leaving the default one doesn´t inspire trust, also I´d not use a stock photo as your gig photo, maybe ask a friend to take an ‘action photo’ while you´re doing transcription work on your pc, or a screenshot of a text you transcribed 100% correctly or something that shows your ability somehow?

Else, I can only repeat what everyone tells every new person here, read the ‘Tips for Sellers’ and other forum categories, study the Fiverr Academy texts, Fiverr blog, listen to Fiverr podcasts, find out and market your gig where your potential buyers are, … :four_leaf_clover:

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Thanks. I was wondering why my list is dated September 7th

Thank you so much. You were really helpful. I will start with the profile photo