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New Guy in 2017- Hi Guys!


Hello everyone, am new to fiverr and just found out about this cool forum. I just wanted to say it is good to get to know you guys.
Ohh!! I also made my first two sales with in 2 days, which is very amazing (for me). However, I haven’t got any orders until now. Anyways, just wanted to say hi to all of you guys!
Hope To See More Interesting Infos Around The Forums


You’re welcome.

Goodluck in your endeavors!


Hello everyone.

I’m signup 2014 but i can’t work marketplace. now i’m starting my work. but i can’t get order.
How can i get order? anybody help me. Thanks


Have you read the comment I left you the other day?
Do not spam, do not leave spam comments in another person’s thread.
if you want help, you need to post your own thread.


Hello ,

So you are welcome to fiverr !

dont worry keep doing your work. you should send buyer request frequently. try to get works one by one with the time. you will be much successful after few months. pls use your all 300 bids per months.

fiverr is a best place to be success who has the courage

wish you the best !


Hi @smart_idea1,

Welcome to fiverr. I hope you enjoy your time here on fiverr.