New Here and i need help


Hey guys i’m Omar; a fan of literature, I can speak 3 languages fluently; french, English and Arabic.
I have several diplomas and i translated a lot in the past but not for money…
so i thought why not taking my skills to another level and start a tiny business here on
So today i sat down my gig (translation) with insane packs and offers starting at 5$ for 1000 words.
you might think 5$ i such a small income for an effort of translating 1000 words but i will do anything to this business grow because i need the money for a small summer project and i can’t wait months to start having a serious business because guess what ? it already summer so guys i may need tips to make this tiny project grow as soon as possible, also please support me by asking me to translate for you or work something for you… you can also tell your friends and family about me…,my work will be elegant and professional if you think about contacting me, promoting me or just giving me tips
this is the link to my gig:


Jello Omar,

If you want potential buyers to visit your gigs… Leave some :cookie: crumbs, add a DIRECT GIG URL to your post. I wish you well in your Fiverr business venture!


i will appreciate that !


Post it on buyer request.


What did you say? :scream:


I’M just kidding Lol


You need to check your profile description as you have misspelled “French” and “instantaneous”. Attention to detail is very important if you want buyers for a translation gig. Good luck! :slight_smile:


I am new to Fiverr, and have been a member since last January and I haven’t made one sale yet. Freelancing is not easy, you have to be patient.

I have read some guidelines that I hope would be beneficial to increase my sales on Fiverr, such as; stay online most of the time, check buyer’s requests, ensure that your gig descriptions are attractive, etc


The fact that sellers are the ones who post in buyers requests make me sick xD


Thanks a lot; i was typing fast and i didn’t notice…


I suggest you to check other top rated and featured seller’s gig which are as same as your gig. Check what they offered. Try to offer a better proposal than them. Use the Buyer Requests Section Properly.

I’m a new seller , started from 01 May, 2017. Till now Delivered one order and currently Working on other two projects. I always keep an eye on Buyer Requests section.

Wish you good luck…:slight_smile:


i wish Buyers requests can solve my problem but unfortunately 99% of it’s posts are just sellers promoting themselves ! no real clients…just spammers…


Same here. But in my case it’s 30 percent. :smile:

I usually delete the useless requests.


what are you selling ?


It’ll Be Better If You Check It By Yourself. There are four gig only.


i wish you nothing but success
P.S: i tried removing all spams in buyers requests and ended up with a blank list


It’s not a problem at all.

Just have patience and response to the buyer request with low price. They will grab you. :relaxed:


Hello.I am new too but i cant sell any of my views :expressionless:


Don’t Worry. Try To stay Online as much time as you can. Make an eye catching gig for the work that you really can do like a professional. :slight_smile:


You also have to write an eye-catching description and photo. Make sure to proofread your description